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European Elections are held every 5 years. The number of seats in the European Parliament is allocated based on the population size of each country, with larger countries having more representatives. This ensures fair representation for all European citizens.

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Are you a European citizen aged 18 or above (16 in Belgium, Austria, Germany and Malta, 17 in Greece)? If yes, congrats! You are part of the 360 million European citizens eligible to vote! Check out below how to register in your country!


Check out the manifestos of the candidates asking for your vote, and compare with their work at national or international level. Are their words aligned with their actions? Voting is your power to judge your representatives.


As an EU national, you can stand as a candidate under the same conditions that apply to nationals of the country where you live. If nationals are required to have lived in the country for a certain period to be allowed to stand for election in EU elections, the same conditions will apply to you.

However, the periods that you have spent in other EU countries – other than your home country – should be taken into account to fulfil this requirement. For more precise information, consult the national authorities in the relevant country.

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From the 6 – 9 JUNE

The number of MEPs elected from each EU country is agreed before each election and is based on the principle of degressive proportionality, which means each MEP from a larger country represents more people than an MEP from a smaller country. The minimum number of MEPs from any country is six and the maximum number is 96.

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